New Flooring

We only select the best quality timber, harvested from sustainably managed forests throughout Europe and the Americas.
Each solid floorboard is manufactured from a single piece of wood that is carefully chosen, graded, and then precision-machined with a tongue and groove joint to ensure a secure hold. Wood is permeable:
it takes on and gives off moisture which can cause it to expand or contract.
We are experienced floor fitters who have the equipment to test the moisture levels in your property prior to installation.
If the prevailing conditions are accounted for, your solid wood floor will be entirely to your satisfaction.

Our flooring & Tiling

Byrne Home Improvements is a leading flooring installation specialists in the Glasgow and West of Scotland area.

With our range of expertise and industry knowledge we can help transform your home with new flooring.

Call us today or complete our online enquirey form to arrange a meeting with our experts to plan your new flooring needs.

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  • Gloss Finish Design
  • White Slab Finish
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Dunster Flooring

Dunster is supplied as an unfinished oak floor which has been filled and sanded for your convenience. The solid wood is supplied this way for greater flexibility, allowing you to decide for yourself the type of finish you require. A Dunster floor emulates the great castle that was home to the same family for over 600 years. Inspiring loyalty and ensuring quality is the reason we guarantee each of our floors for 25 years and Dunster carries that through thanks to its heritage and refinement.

Flink Flooring

Flink is a clever product: it's a floating solid wood floor that has been engineered from 3 layers of solid oak, offering a level of stability unrivalled by a conventional solid oak floor. Its pioneering design helps to eliminate some of the difficulties posed by a damp subfloor. It is the only product of its kind on the market, utilising a patented 'drop and loc' joint for quick and easy fitting.